December 21, 2016
by Yu Zhuang

环境司法公益培训 招募通知

环境司法公益培训(以下简称“培训”)是由佛蒙特法学院(VLS),佛蒙特大学(UVM),和欧盟环境保护协会(ClientEarth)联合主办,在佛蒙特法学院举行的关于美国环境法和环境司法的培训。培训时间为2017年1月9日至2月27日。 培训将招收3至5名致力于中国环境保护事业的环保社会公益组织的法律工作者或合作公益律师参与1至2周的培训课程。佛蒙特法学院将为学员提供部分或全额奖学金用于支付学费、国际和国内交通费用和在佛蒙特学习期间的住宿费用。

China’s New Public Interest Environmental Protection Law in Action

October 19, 2015 by Nicholas Bihun | 0 comments

On Wednesday, September 9th,2015 the U.S.-Asia Partnership for Environmental Law hosted a discussion of new legal developments and reflections on field investigations with Chinese NGOs and attorneys with Jack Tuholske, Director Vermont Law School Water and Justice Program and Technical Advisor to the U.S.-Asia Partnerships; and Yanmei Lin, Associate Director U.S.-Asia Partnerships for Environmental Law at Vermont Law SchoolThe discussion touched on their recent article Field Notes From the Far East: China’s New Public Interest Environmental Protection Law in Action. The video of their presentation can be viewed above.

October 8, 2015
by Yanmei Lin

Environmental Law on Three Continents – A Research Conference on Comparative Environmental Law in China, USA and EU

On August 26-28, 2015,  I attended a  comparative law research conference entitled  “Environmental Law on Three Continents” in Uppsala, Sweden. The conference was organized by the Faculty of Law at Uppsala Universitet, aiming to develop a platform for comparative legal research between … Continue reading